Commercial Development Trends in Brevard County, FL

Commercial Property Development Trends in Brevard County FLThere are many factors to consider when deciding if a location is a good fit for your business. There are several reasons why Brevard County, FL, has become a popular location for companies to start or to expand their business. The Space Coast’s commercial appeal comes from new development trends that help enhance business manufacturing and investments, as well as new trends in commercial property.

Competitive Development Programs

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) of Florida’s Space Coast works to enhance commerce and stimulate the local economy through a partnership with NASA technology and expertise. This Technology Docking Program aims to increase innovation in production and invention as local companies work with NASA to incorporate new technology or improve upon old methods of production. Since the program’s creation in 2015, 95 local companies have partnered with NASA representatives and many more are set to participate. The EDC works to expand existing businesses as well as foster new investments and programs. This new development trend is just one way that Brevard County and the Space Coast has remained a competitive region for commercial enterprises.

Cleantech Commercial Properties

Another development trend in Brevard County, FL, is the move toward cleantech properties. The term cleantech includes any energy technology that is cleaner and more efficient than traditional forms of energy. Many cleantech properties incorporate plant life into their building as a way to clean the air naturally or install solar panels. These properties tend to be newer and require more indoor space for testing, like for cleantech automotive companies. Cleantech properties make up an important part of commercial properties, so understanding what cleantech property entails is crucial if you’re looking to invest in Brevard County.

These developments are just some of the factors that industries and businesses look at when they choose Brevard County, FL. The Space Coast is a growing area with new trends for both commercial property and inventory innovation.

Working with a local commercial broker is an excellent way to ensure that you are developing property in the right location for your company to grow. The experts at Ullian Realty have over 50 years of combined experience with Brevard County, FL real estate. Contact us to learn more about which development trends will work for your long term goals.