How to Decipher a Commercial Real Estate Listing

How to Decipher a Commercial Real Estate Listing - Ullian Realty Melbourne, FL

Deciding to invest in commercial real estate is exciting, and also a big decision. You have all the facts, but how do you know that a property is a good commercial real estate listing in Brevard County, Florida? Ullian Realty believes in educating buyers and sellers and has six tips to keep in mind as you consider buying.

The Commercial Real Estate Listing Meets Your Needs

Research real estate listings for the details. Does the listing have the right rentable and usable square footage? Will the property support the industries in the area or need renovations prior to renting? Make note of features such as clean tech properties when looking for investments in Brevard County, FL.

The Commercial Real Estate Listing Has a History of Long-Term Leases

Businesses will stay in the same location when their needs are met and the building is well maintained. Ask to look at the history of tenants and take note if there has been a high turnover of renters. Investigate why tenants haven’t lasted long.

The Commercial Real Estate Listing is Similar to Other Successful Properties

Research how long other similar commercial buildings have been on the market and the final sale price. Were they in better condition than the current building you are considering purchasing? How many tenants does this building house compared to other similar properties?

The Commercial Real Estate Listing is Approved by Your Broker

A good broker will give you a realistic idea of the building’s condition and whether there are signs of a good investment property. You know the commercial real estate listing is ideal when your experienced broker says you will not find a better listing for your needs and budget.

The Commercial Real Estate Listing is in a Good Location

The location of a potential commercial investment will make or break your plans. Do you envision renting out office space at the top and a restaurant on lower levels? Do you want to invest in commercial space to house a manufacturing company? Look at the location and see what fits the needs of your vision before you place an offer.

Don’t Forget to Consider What isn’t Listed

Sometimes the most telling thing about an investment property is the details that a listing omits. Make sure to compare several property listings. Note features that are highlighted on certain properties and where they are not.

Working with a local broker in Brevard County, FL is a great way to make sure you decipher a commercial real estate listing properly. The team at Ullian Realty brings over 50 years of combined experience to the table. Contact us as you compare commercial properties in Brevard County, FL.