What Every Good Real Estate Broker Should Always Do

What Every Good Real Estate Broker Should Always Do - Ullian Realty Brevard County, FL

How do you know if the real estate broker you are choosing is the right one to sell your property?

Not all real estate brokers focus on the same type of real estate or selling strategies. At Ullian Realty we are highlighting what to look for in a broker in Brevard County, Florida who specializes in the type of property you are selling.

Here are 4 Things Every Good Real Estate Broker Should Always Do:

A Good Real Estate Broker Knows How to Price the Property

Most sellers want the highest price possible in the shortest period of time, but pricing a property too high, keeps good potential buyers away. A good real estate broker does research about the demographics in your area. They look at what recent similar properties have sold for to help you make a data-backed decision as you list your property.

A Good Real Estate Broker Knows the Importance of Good Photos, and Plans

The first interaction a potential buyer has with a property is often looking through the brochure photos and plans online. Blurry, out of focus photos, or plans, or lack of proper building photos or plans, kill the sale before it even start. Your broker should know how to highlight the best features of your property in photos and plans, or know who can help your property shine.

A Good Real Estate Broker Knows How to Advertise the Property

Successful real estate brokers understand the importance of the right advertising. Commercial property advertising in real estate is different than it is for residential real estate sales.  An advertising strategy is key to reaching the right audience and spending ad dollars wisely. Signage in front of the property, print ads in local print publications, and online ads to the right audience are all great, but knowing which details to include will set your listing apart.

A Good Real Estate Broker Knows How To Include Property Demographics

Buyers might want traffic counts, population counts within a certain mile radius, average income within an area, so they can determine if the use fits a certain property.

When deciding which real estate broker to partner within Brevard County, FL experience matters. Ullian Realty has over 50 years of combined real estate experience working locally. Contact us today to learn more about how we go above and beyond to serve all our clients.