Set Yourself Apart in Real Estate with One Key Thing

Important Commercial Real Estate Relationships

Selling a commercial property requires expert knowledge. You need to know the specs of the building you are trying to sell and the type of potential buyer to market the property to. You also need to have a strong understanding of local real estate market trends.

Some brokers sit on a property for months or years before a sale comes around. Others may take the same property and flip it quickly. Why does this happen? Did the right buyer just happen to walk through the door? Lucky circumstances may happen, but that’s not the case most of the time. The difference is to set yourself apart in real estate with one key thing: commercial real estate relationships. Ullian Realty shares why relationships are critical for Realtors.

Commercial Real Estate Relationships: Your Community

Would you purchase a half a million or million dollar property from a stranger? It’s not likely. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors need to meet you in order to trust you with their next large purchase. They won’t know that you are a part of SIOR or that you specialize in cleantech properties unless they get to know you.

Commercial Real Estate Relationships: Listen to Your Buyer

Have you found the perfect buyer for the vacant manufacturing building that you are trying to sell? You may know this, but there is still a lot you don’t know about the buyer you have in mind. Being relationship focused means you take the time to learn their needs before prematurely pitching them a deal.

Commercial Real Estate Relationships: Your Attorney and Accountant

Other key players in a successful sale of commercial property are the rest of the players on your team. Get to know a few attorneys and keep using them. The same goes for an accountant. Sure, many professionals can complete the job, but you want team players who value going the extra mile. These are people who stay current on the changing laws and tax regulations. They keep themselves accountable, so you know you can depend on their expertise.

At Ullian Realty we understand the value of relationships. Investing in commercial property is an important decision. Since our real estate team lives locally we are not just selling you a property, we are welcoming a new member into our community. Contact us today to learn more about Melbourne, FL commercial properties and thriving community.