Types of Industrial Commercial Properties in Brevard County, FL

Types of Industrial Commercial Property in Brevard Count FLFlorida’s Space Coast offers numerous property investment options. Brevard County is known for its high-tech economy, innovative STEM technology, and its hi-tech growth in the workforce and job market. With growth, comes demand for industrial commercial properties that before you choose which industrial commercial property your business requires, it’s important to understand the various types, features, and uses industrial commercial properties have.


Here are a Few Different Types of Industrial Commercial Properties in Brevard County, FL

Currently, warehouses are the most common industrial property that new investors mention. Warehouses are used for various purposes such as distribution and storage. Distribution warehouses are usually custom-built and contain high-tech equipment suited for whatever industry utilizes them. These are typically larger properties, often located near Interstate 95 which ease the transportation of products.

In addition, Brevard County’s growth in the manufacturing sector can bring numerous opportunities for light manufacturing properties. These are also typically larger buildings containing specialized equipment, which are usually equipped with high-capacity electrical power as well as up-to-date, fire sprinkler systems, and HVAC ventilation systems in order to provide clean airflow in their manufacturing environment.

In contrast, companies utilizing smaller commercial industrial properties for the development of new products, usually don’t require as much emphasis on specialized equipment or custom designs and fit into a more standardized space or floor plan.  Smaller multi-tenant light industrial/manufacturing properties are also called Flex buildings because these properties are more versatile in their uses. They can be adapted for office space, manufacturing, or research and development. Light assembly spaces tend to be smaller and can be reconfigured for different tenants. With Brevard County’s growing investment opportunities, this type of commercial industrial property can be useful for office spaces, or it can adapt to fit the many businesses that make up the Space Coast light manufacturing and hi-tech base.

With all the different tech industries in Brevard County, another commercial property that investors may want to consider developing is a data hosting center. These specialized industrial buildings host servers, telecom switching equipment, and are equipped with cooling equipment to keep the temperature just right to prevent overheating. Many are equipped with redundant power supply cable. Companies rely on data hosting centers to store data held in the cloud as well as keep telecommunications and internet running smoothly in the community.

Are you ready to invest in industrial property in Brevard County, FL? It’s best to work with a local broker who understands the area. Contact Ullian Realty to learn more about the best types of industrial commercial property investments in Brevard County are available and which one fits your long term goals.