Why Invest in Brevard County Commercial Real Estate?

Why Invest in Brevard County Commercial Real EstateBrevard County, FL, offers unique investment opportunities due to its demographics and many cities along the Space Coast. Melbourne offers innovation, infrastructure in existing developments, while Viera offers new commercial and residential developments. Brevard County is home to STEM industries and it’s a great location to grow your business.

What is a Good Return for Commercial Real Estate?

Investing in Brevard County commercial real estate may add stability to your investment portfolio. Investing in real estate offers a level of stabilized income because of the credit tenant’s rent. Businesses that rent out your commercial property depend on the space in order for their business to grow so they’re more likely to pay rent on time.

Owning commercial real estate can also provide potential tax advantages. Properties can increase in value over time, but you can reduce yearly taxable income by depreciating the value of the building. Other tax advantages come in the form of Opportunity Zones. These type of designated areas offer economic benefits and tax breaks for potential long-term investments which can save you money in the long-run.  We would assist with providing the general information for your CPA/Accountants review.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Commercial Real Estate?

 The commercial real estate market is resilient, and in times of uncertainty, the commercial real estate market can thrive. Investors can use the stability of real estate to their advantage by adding diversity to their portfolios and managing risk. Brevard County has seen local growth in manufacturing and the county has worked to implement several development programs to encourage property investing such as the Opportunity Zone Program and the Technology Docking Program.

Commercial Properties for Lease in Melbourne, FL

Melbourne is home to shipping, manufacturing, the Melbourne International Airport, and the Kennedy Space Center. There are a wide variety of commercial properties for lease in Melbourne, ranging from warehouses to Hi-tech innovative clean tech properties. View our property listings to find the perfect location that suits your business’s needs.