Key Investment Strategies for Commercial Property in Brevard County, FL

Key Investment Strategies for Commercial Property in Brevard County, FL

There are numerous investment strategies in the commercial property world, but most people only focus on one or two. It’s great to start where you are comfortable, but there comes a time to look at other ways to succeed and try something new. Ullian Realty has diverse experience with more than just the standard investment strategies. We’re committed to making sure our clients understand all their options before purchasing a commercial property in Brevard County, FL.

Here are three key investment strategies to consider as you grow your commercial property resume.

Investment Strategy #1: Fixing and Flipping

You have seen house flipping shows on TLC, but did you know that fixing and flipping commercial properties is also a viable investing strategy? Sometimes the updates are merely cosmetic. Other times the foundation needs work, a new HVAC system, and upgraded wiring. A major fix and flip project in an older community is an ideal project for consideration on a structure in a popular part of town.

Investment Strategy #2: Buying and Holding

Sometimes the market forces you to buy and hold onto a property and other times this is an intentional strategy. Knowing you will hold onto the property for a few years with a high projected ROI gives you time to research viable renovations for potential buyers. Is there a manufacturing boom with limited locations available for companies? Talk to your Ullian Realty to find out the best commercial property to hold for future sale.

Learn more about how to determine when to sell your investment property here.

Investment Strategy #3: Buying and Leasing a vacant building, and then selling to an investor

Vacant real estate for sale that is just sitting on the market could be an opportunity. Commercial properties that require the right buyer to become landlords and find a tenant.  After leasing the property can be sold based on a CAP rate return that investors like to achieve.

Ready to invest in a commercial property on Florida’s Space Coast? Contact Ullian Realty. Located in Brevard County, FL our team of expert brokers will walk you through the Ullian Process and make sure you find an ideal investment property for your company needs. Schedule an appointment to learn more.