Looking to Buy Commercial Property in Melbourne? Start Here

Looking to Buy Commercial Property in Melbourne? Start HereCommercial real estate investors in Melbourne, Florida have the advantage of building their businesses in one of the hottest markets in the US. According to Chief Executive, Florida is one of the top two states for business owners to grow and prosper. Florida’s tax policy, regulatory climate, and talent availability make it an attractive location for property investment.

If you’re looking to buy commercial property in Melbourne, there are a few things to consider before you begin your search. 

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

Your investment strategy will depend on your risk vs. reward tolerance. Investing in core assets that are stable, well-occupied, and well-located, means a lower risk profile, but also a lower reward. The rewards are higher when investing in value-add properties, but they require more money for improvements. Opportunistic investments, such as new development, may offer the greatest income potential but the highest risk.

Melbourne offers properties across the full spectrum of risk and reward strategies. From occupied apartment buildings to vacant land ready for development, you’ll find a wide range of properties to suit your investment goals.

Narrow Down the Property Type

When beginning the search for commercial property, you should first determine what type of property is right for your investment portfolio. Types of properties include:

  • industrial properties
  • tracts of land
  • office buildings
  • retail buildings
  • medical offices   
  • multi-flex options        

With its variety of high tech industries and proximity to Florida’s Space Coast, Melbourne is the perfect city for diversifying your portfolio or starting your small business. Whether you’re looking for a high rise office building or mixed use space,  Brevard County has a lot to offer.  

Stick to Your Budget

Before applying for financing for your property investment, set an investment limit and stick to it. Consider all of the costs of buying a commercial property, including the purchase price, interest, property taxes, property insurance, and closing costs. Budget for hidden costs, such as maintenance, utilities, and vacancy fees.

With its pro-business tax policies and commitment to small businesses, Florida has become an attractive destination for investors who want to buy commercial property. According to the latest commercial real estate trends from 2021, the Florida real estate market will continue to grow in 2022. Savvy, budget-minded investors will enjoy the many local and state programs that support business development in Melbourne.

Work With Commercial Real Estate Experts

Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, you should rely on the experts to navigate the real estate buying process. You will want a team that includes an attorney, real estate agent, and a commercial mortgage banker. 

You need to protect your interests and make sure the deal is legitimate. A real estate attorney has expertise in commercial law and will oversee the contract and negotiate on your behalf. Your real estate broker will help you understand Brevard County’s land use and zoning laws, and will assist you in finding the right property for your needs. Your banker will help you secure financing. Having these experts by your side will ensure you’re making a wise investment that is legally sound.

Close the Deal in Brevard County, FL

Commercial real estate deals can be one of the best investments in today’s economic climate. Find the right team of experts to help you close the deal. With a combined 60 years of Florida commercial real estate experience, Ullian Realty will work hard to find the best property for your investment goals. Contact us to get started today!