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What Is the Ullian Realty Commercial Real Estate Process?

The Ullian Realty process consists of eight steps to help you buy or sell effectively. Our process helps define your goals and needs and wastes no time in finding a buyer, tenant or your next property. You, the client, are involved in every step of the process as we guide you to make the best decisions possible.

What is Considered a Commercial Property?

Sure, you know that large office buildings and shopping centers are commercial properties, but what else is included? The list is vast and includes apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, malls, strip malls, hotels, and motels. Commercial properties can include buildings with one tenant or 15 - there is no maximum on the number of tenants. The limits are based on square footage and occupancy permits.

What are the Basics of Leasing a Commercial Property?

There are two common types of leases for commercial properties and it primarily depends whether you are the sole tenant or one of many within a building. A net lease only covers the monthly rent, no extra fees, such as parking, real estate taxes, and insurance. A gross lease includes the monthly rent and all the extra expenses. This is more common when renting a building with multiple tenants.

How Do You Protect Your Commercial Investment Property?

It’s important to know what measures to take in order to protect your investment. This includes setting up an LLC, maintaining the property so you don’t find yourself in a lawsuit over a broken handrail, and obtaining proper insurance. 

Where Can I Find Current Listings with Ullian Real Estate?

Ullian Realty lists all current commercial real estate listings on Filter by the type of commercial listing, square footage, price range, and properties for lease. View commercial properties in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Satellite Beach, Palm Shores, and surrounding areas in Brevard County, Florida.

Is it Important to Partner with a Local Real Estate Broker?

With over 50 years of combined experience on Florida's Space Coast, the brokers at Ullian Realty understand the area well. Learn about the five reasons we believe you benefit from using a local broker for your commercial property acquisitions on our blog article Yes, You Need to Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker