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Commercial Real Estate Terms Explained

Understanding a few key investment property terms is critical when considering purchasing a commercial property. Knowing commercial real estate terms will help you determine whether a property is worth the investment and how much money you can expect to earn after you choose which type of investment property to purchase. Here are Several Important Commercial Real Estate Terms Explained What is Value Add? Value add requires an investor to identify […]
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How to Start Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Commercial Real Estate investing is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio, but it is important to go in with the proper knowledge and attitude. Before deciding if commercial real estate investing is right for you, consider a few things. Today, we’ll cover some of the essential things to learn about how to start investing […]
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Top Trends in the Space Coast Commercial Property Market

When you ask many people about Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is “vacation.” While Florida does have some of the best beaches and the top tourist attractions in the country, it’s also quickly becoming a hub for high-tech industry that rivals even Silicon Valley. Business owners are rushing to take advantage of Brevard County’s vibrant, […]
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Who Pays for Tenant Improvements?

When considering the type of tenant improvement best for a particular commercial space, you must consider several factors, such as budget and time frame. You’ll also want to note special considerations like sound regulations or air circulation where applicable. As you negotiate lease terms, you’ll want to work with a local commercial broker to understand the laws and regulations […]
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Should You Offer a Full-Service Commercial Lease?

All commercial real estate properties have leases. As a property owner, you need to choose a lease structure. Understanding the differences between lease types is important to accurately evaluate the income and costs of a commercial real estate property. Today we’re exploring whether a full-service lease is a good option for your investment goals. What is […]
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Investment Property Due Diligence

Purchasing an investment property can help create a secure financial future, but you need to do your due diligence first. Just like any other large purchase, you want to make sure your real estate investment is a wise choice that fits into your lifestyle before taking the leap. What is a Due Diligence Period? Due diligence is […]
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Pros and Cons of Investing in Commercial Property

Before leaping into a commercial property investment, it is wise to understand both the benefits and potential downsides of this long-term endeavor. Investing in commercial real estate requires a significant commitment of both your time and finances, so it’s vital to evaluate your decision from every angle. Here are some positive and negative aspects to […]
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Florida Commercial Real Estate Land Development

Completing the purchase of commercial property investments can take place at various stages. You can purchase undeveloped land, a project ready to begin the construction phase, or property with existing structures. We will identify those stages today as Planning, Development, and Maintenance. If you’re considering a career as a real estate developer, it’s important to […]
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The Best Commercial Property Features on Florida’s Space Coast

In 2023 the popularity of Florida’s Space Coast isn’t slowing down. The Commercial Real Estate Metro Market Reports reveal that the demand for office space, retail space, and industrial space is stronger than nationwide wide averages. This is a strong trend tracking back to 2015. This aligns with surging employment reports throughout the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville […]
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What is Common Area Maintenance?

Common area maintenance (CAM) is a type of cost that businesses or organizations are required to pay when they lease a commercial building. It is the costs attributed to maintaining all common areas like hallways, elevators, parking lots, and lobbies. This is separate from the cost of leasing a usable space since multiple tenants typically […]
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