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The Best Commercial Property Features on Florida’s Space Coast

Florida was ranked “No. 2 in the country for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness and with the 2nd largest growth in manufacturing firms between 2012 and 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” In addition, our hi-tech market in the US has continued to grow with innovative industries. Melbourne, FL in Brevard County has seen an […]
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Yes, You Need to Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker

  When you’re looking to buy commercial property, you may find yourself wondering, “Do I really need a commercial broker?” You can look at properties on your own, and you have a pretty good idea of what you want from your new commercial property, right? The answer is, “Yes, you need to use a commercial […]
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Breakdown: Commercial Real Estate Land Development

Completing the purchase of commercial property investments can take place at various stages. You can purchase undeveloped land, a project ready to begin the construction phase or property with existing structures. We will identify those stages today as Planning, Development, and Maintenance. Regardless of when your investment begins commercial real estate is a long-term investment with many […]
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Is There a Best Time of the Year to Buy an Investment Property?

While there is never a bad time to buy an investment property, research has revealed that there are some months that may possibly be better for investors than others. If you are looking to purchase commercial property experts agree that you will have less competition and more motivated sellers in December and January.   While setting a goal to purchase […]
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How Much Office Space Do I Need for My Brevard County, FL Business?

Are you looking for a new office space? Whether you are establishing your business in Brevard County for the first time or moving from your current office space, it can be daunting to figure out how much office space your company actually needs. There is a difference between rentable and usable square footage. Figuring out […]
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What are the Different Types of Investment Properties?

When you hear the term investment property, do you picture an office or industrial building? Maybe you think first of retail space or an apartment building. If you are looking to diversify your investments to include real estate, it’s important to explore all of your investment property options. There are several types of properties to consider, […]
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Three Reasons to Consider Buying an Investment Property

When it comes to finding ways to increase your income or diversify investment opportunities, there is a reason that real estate investments always make the list. Investment properties are a proven long-term income stream when chosen well. A wise investment will bring in monthly income and over time typically increase in value. At Ullian Realty […]
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Choosing an Ideal Office Space on Florida’s Space Coast

Your business is growing! This is great news, but it can also mean you’ve outgrown your current office location. Whether you need to move a few blocks over or are relocating to Florida’s Space Coast finding your ideal office space requires strategic thought. You may want to consider a high tech office space or your […]
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What Goes into a Property Appraisal?

A commercial property appraisal uses a different process than a residential appraisal. In Florida, the law requires a licensed appraiser that works independently to complete the process. There are three approaches that are commonly used for commercial property appraisal. The cost approach, sales approach, and income approach. The final step to complete the commercial property […]
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How to be an Excellent Landlord in Brevard County, FL

Buying commercial property is a great investment, but it still requires work after the sale is complete. When you purchase a rental property you become a landlord whether you hire a property manager or take care of your renters on your own. You can easily just worry about the bottom line when the mortgage bill […]
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