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Why Property Investors Prefer Brevard County for Florida Real Estate

Brevard County, Florida is a thriving center of business, innovation, and infrastructure. The major cities within Brevard County include Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Cocoa Beach. Read on to find out why each city is ideal for real estate investments.  Why Invest in Melbourne Florida Real Estate Melbourne is the perfect city to invest in real […]
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What to Look for in a Space to Lease in Melbourne, FL

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding, it’s important to do your research before signing a lease for a commercial space. Some commercial properties have as long as a 10-year lease, so it’s important to think carefully about your options before signing. If you take your time, work with the right local commercial […]
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Applying for a Commercial Real Estate Loan? Read This First

Applying for a commercial loan is a completely different ballgame than applying for residential mortgages. Commercial lenders have a different set of priorities and at the end of the day, it may be significantly harder to obtain a commercial real estate loan than a residential loan. Don’t let this discourage you. Working with the right […]
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Passive Investing In Brevard County Real Estate

Are you looking for a way to diversify your financial holdings? Do you find yourself looking for more predictable income earning opportunities than your current holdings allow? Consider passive investing in commercial property. Brevard County, FL, has numerous opportunities for you to find the right property for your financial goals.   What is Passive Investing in […]
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What New Businesses Need to Know About Commercial Property

Looking to buy a commercial property for your small business? You’re in great company. In the US, small businesses occupy 30% to 50% of all commercial space. That means there are plenty of options for you to find the perfect space for your business. Commercial property investors should always consult with local real estate brokers. […]
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What Happens if a Commercial Property is Sold Mid-Lease?

After months of scouting Brevard County, you’ve finally found the perfect location for your business. You’ve negotiated the terms of your lease and you’re confident you can focus on the next phase of your business plan. But a few months down the road you receive a surprising letter. Your building is up for sale! Does this […]
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It’s Time to Think About 2022 Commercial Real Estate Investments

Thinking about investing in commercial real estate in 2022? Specific sectors of commercial property are forecast to perform better than others. One way to maximize your investment is to leverage the research conducted by commercial real estate industry experts before making your decision. Read on to learn which type of property to invest in over […]
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Unique Commercial Investment Properties

At the beginning of the property investment process, most people are drawn to either residential or commercial properties because of their familiarity with these types of properties. However, with just a little bit of research, they can open up the door to many more types of properties. Thus, whether you are just beginning to invest […]
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Pros and Cons of Investing in Commercial Property

Before leaping into a commercial property investment, it is wise to understand both the benefits and potential downsides of this long term endeavor. Investing in commercial real estaterequires a significant commitment of both your time and finances, so it’s vital to evaluate your decision from every angle. Here are some positive and negative aspects of […]
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8 FAQs New Commercial Real Estate Investors Should Ask

As a new commercial real estate investor, you likely have a few questions that are still unanswered. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about investing in commercial property: Should I Hire a Real Estate Broker? Yes, especially as a new investor. Hiring a licensed broker will guide you in the right direction, […]
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