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Stage Your Commercial Property Before Listing with these Tips

For investors in competitive markets, it’s important to weigh all of your options for attracting the right buyers. One study reports that staged properties spend 73% less time on the market than those that aren’t. At Ullian Realty we understand that strong first impressions are lasting impressions which is why today we are offering tips […]
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Is Brevard Country, FL the Right Place for you to Invest in Commercial Property?

The state of endless sunshine is often the go-to for families and home to many industries. Many commercial property investors have made Brevard County, Florida their home because of the ideal conditions in the area. There are many factors to consider when looking for a location to invest in commercial property. Location is at the […]
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10 Ways to Increase Value in Your Brevard County Commercial Property

One way to improve investment holdings is to increase value in your commercial property. This isn’t something to do impulsively, you don’t want to invest more than what the property is worth or you may have to hang onto the property longer than anticipated. The goal is to add enough value to increase the selling […]
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Negotiating a Commercial Property Lease in Brevard County, FL

One of the steps when purchasing a commercial property is learning to negotiate a commercial property lease. Your goal is to bring in tenants to cover the mortgage and make a profit. Unlike homeowners renting a property, your tenants will have needs and wants that will greatly impact their business. Ullian Realty has helped walk […]
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What are the Best Land Development Strategies for Commercial Investors?

We frequently talk about how to purchase and sell commercial properties in Brevard County, FL. Another way investors make money is by purchasing undeveloped land. This option provides the freedom to plan and development from start to finish or to hand a project off at any point. There are risks, such as finding tenants or buyers […]
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What is a Good ROI in Commercial Real Estate?

No matter how long you are in the commercial real estate market, there is one question that investors ask over and over. While you can back up your answer with data and charts, it can still change in an instant. It can make or break your commercial investment, regardless of how long you have been […]
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What is Considered a Commercial Property?

Investment properties vary in size, shape, and dimension. Additionally, not all rental properties are commercial properties. A shopping center and office building are commercial properties, but what about apartments and condos? It can become confusing, but no worries! Ullian Realty is here to clarify the details on commercial investment properties. What is Considered a Commercial Property? Commercial property is […]
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Avoid these Mistakes Investing in Commercial Property

Many new commercial property investors make mistakes. While this is a normal part of many jobs experiences as you grow and learn, when it comes to investing in commercial property mistakes can be very costly. Ullian Realty in Brevard County, Florida has been a leader in the commercial real estate industry for years. Take it […]
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Set Yourself Apart in Real Estate with One Key Thing

Selling a commercial property requires expert knowledge. You need to know the specs of the building you are trying to sell and the type of potential buyer to market the property to. You also need to have a strong understanding of local real estate market trends. Some brokers sit on a property for months or […]
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Top Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors

What makes a successful real estate investor? Real estate investments can have a huge return on investment, but you have to work hard and understand what you are getting into. Ullian Realty has helped investors turn a profit for years and understands what it takes to have success investing in commercial real estate.   Here […]
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