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What does an Industrial Specialist Do?

AnIndustrial Specialist helps ensure that manufacturing facilities operate with full productivity and performance. They often plan the expansion or conversion of industrial facilities, or they work with production managers to ensure successful operations. Industrial specialists may also provide technical advice about machinery or materials to employees. When looking at industrial properties, it’s best to have […]
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Brevard County, FL Businesses with YOY Growth Rates

The real estate industry can be a stable industry to invest in, even during economic recessions. Brevard County made the list of the top 10 best performing metropolitan areas because of the multitude of opportunities in both manufacturing and high-tech industries. The Commercial Real Estate industry contributed $1.14 trillion to the national GDP in 2019 and real estate offers […]
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Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Without the right support, knowing where and when to start investing in commercial real estate can feel like an insider’s secret that is impossible to unlock. When you hire a commercial real estate broker with in-depth market knowledge and financial analysis you’ll find a partner who has the keys to unlocking the insider knowledge you […]
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Should I Have My Commercial Property Appraised?

While property appraisal is not a requirement for the purchase or sale of a property, it is an important part of the overallcommercial real estateprocess. Property appraisals provide valuable information the buyer can use as they make their final decision such as an estimate of how much the property would sell for on the open market. Appraisals […]
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Economic Impact of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate supports 9.2 million jobs nationwide and contributed $1.14 trillion to the national GDP in 2019. Florida especially has experienced a boom in commercial and private real estate, and the cities and county of Brevard have several commercial real estate development plans that promote innovation and growth in the local economy. Impact During a Recession While we can’t […]
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Recession-Proof Your Commercial Real Estate Investment

Economic recessions often stress a business’s income. Commercial real estate remains a stronghold when you’re looking to diversify your investments and income. Mihal Gartenberg, an agent at Warburg Realty Partnership, said “when the stock market is doing poorly, investors who are looking for other opportunities find that real estate is a safe haven.” A recession doesn’t have to be […]
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What is Investment Real Estate?

Commercial real estate investment is a good option to consider if you’re looking to diversify your long term investments. Many investors choose physical assets instead of the stock market or in addition to the higher risk options in their portfolio. Real estate comes with its risks but if you find the ideal location, the return is […]
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Always Use a Local Commercial Broker

Finding the right commercial real estate broker can be difficult because there are so many factors to consider. Start by identifying your long term investment goals. Then, research local commercial real estate brokers and ask questions about each broker’s process. This will help you understand the different ways different companies will work for you. It takes time, […]
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What to Look for in Property Management in Melbourne, FL

 Melbourne, FL is an ideal place to invest in commercial properties. The city is centrally located along the Space Coast and host to a variety of business and financial industries. Melbourne is known as a technology hub. Florida Institute of Technology is a thriving part of the city, however, it also features growing residential areas […]
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Are Flex Space Properties Good Investments?

Brevard County is located in the Space Coast and features many prime locations for property investment opportunities. However, researching what makes an ideal location requires being flexible and creative when looking at properties. Changes in technology and shifts in the market mean investors and building owners may find that flex space property provides the best […]
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