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3 Reasons to Choose the Ullian Realty Process

The future is looking bright for Brevard County commercial real estate, but how do you best take advantage of this? You need two things: a plan and a partner. Ullian realty brings both of those to the table. At Ullian Realty we believe in our real estate process and what it can do for our […]
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Are Shared Workspaces Good Investment Properties?

Have you heard the term coworking? What about a shared workspace? As start-ups, small businesses and independent contractors look to cut costs, the latest trends in office space provide the best workspaces with reduced overhead. Lower costs and high-tech amenities are a benefit to the people renting office space. So what is a shared workspace, […]
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Buying Your First Investment Property? Follow These Tips from the Pros

  It pays to do your research before buying an investment property. The amount of money at stake is significant, and you want the best return on your investment possible. We’ve compiled a list of tips from the real estate pros that will help you navigate the process of buying your first investment property. Tips […]
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A Look Ahead at 2018 – What Can We Expect in Brevard County Commercial Real Estate?

The commercial real estate market can be difficult to break into, and the investment has its risks. That’s why it’s vital to do your research before you make any big moves. One thing people are asking is: “What’s going to happen with Brevard County commercial real estate in 2018?” Well, we don’t have a crystal […]
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Understanding the Difference Between Rentable and Usable Square Feet

When shopping for office space the listing usually includes the rate for rentable square feet, but there is another important metric as well: the usable square feet. The difference between rentable and usable square feet can be difficult to understand, even for real estate professionals, but hopefully, this article will enlighten you. Usable Square Feet […]
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What to Know Before Investing in a Rental Property

Investing in a rental property is a fantastic way to diversify your investments, but it isn’t without its challenges. The condition of the property, the location, and the rental history are just a few of the things you’ll have to keep in mind and manage while searching for the perfect property. While it isn’t an […]
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Applying for a Commercial Real Estate Loan? Read This First

Applying for a commercial loan is a completely different ballgame than applying for a residential loan. Commercial lenders have a different set of priorities and at the end of the day, it can be significantly harder to obtain a commercial loan. Don’t let all this discourage you though, it just means you need to come into […]
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10 Signs of a Good Investment Property

Investing in commercial property is a high-stakes venture. An investment of this type puts a lot of money on the line, and even a small oversight can turn into a disaster. Here are 10 signs that you’ve found a good investment property.   1. The Seller is Honest The seller should be completely honest about […]
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Office Space Trends: The Workplace Goes High Tech

Office spaces and configurations are changing rapidly. This change is driven for the most part by the rapid advance of technology. Our computers screens are getting smaller, our phones are getting more powerful, and our networks are getting faster. Technology is also changing people, and this is driving even more modern office space trends.   […]
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How to Get the Maximum Profit From Your Investment Property

Commercial real estate isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it takes a lot of hard work, and you really need to know what you’re doing. That said, for those with the gumption, investment properties can prove very profitable. If you’re planning on selling or leasing your commercial investment property, here are a few things you […]
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