Office Space Trends: The Workplace Goes High Tech

Office Space Trends The Workplace Goes High Tech

Office spaces and configurations are changing rapidly. This change is driven for the most part by the rapid advance of technology. Our computers screens are getting smaller, our phones are getting more powerful, and our networks are getting faster. Technology is also changing people, and this is driving even more modern office space trends.


Here are a few big trends to consider for your own purposes as the workplace goes high tech:

Smaller Workspaces

The days of coming into work to see rows and rows of large cubicles are coming to an end. This shrinking of space is primarily due to our technology getting smaller. Smaller technology requires less physical document space. The portability of technology is allowing for workers to spend less time at their workspaces. Flat screen monitors are the norm now, and most documents are stored on computers, which equates to fewer file drawers needed. Even with shared files a central drive that all workers can access saves time and paper. The combination of smaller technology and less storage space has allowed for a minimalistic office design.

Today’s office staff are spending more time than ever socializing or performing collaborative tasks, which has also contributed to the smaller size of personal workspaces. Collaborative methods of working such as pair programming are popular with millennials, and personal space is less desired as a result.

The “Smart” Office

These days, almost everything is smart. You have a personal AI assistant on your phone that can understand you and help you perform tasks. Your television can connect to the internet. Even some home appliances feature touchscreens and internet capabilities.This trend is also true in high tech office spaces.

Smart technology is popping up in offices making many things more convenient. From the ability to book meeting rooms via a centralized online calendar to sensors in the furniture that collect data and optimize the work environment, the range of office technology is broad and constantly growing. With increasing reliance on cell phones for work related purposes, you also see wireless phone charging stations appear in many offices.

These are just two of the major office space trends that we see right now, and as always attitudes can rapidly change. Whether the trend of smaller personal workspaces is a long term, is still uncertain. Collaborative work can vary generation to generation and even between regions. On the other hand, it’s highly likely that offices will continue getting smarter well into the future as new, useful technology is developed.

Knowing the trends is one thing, but only a commercial real estate agent can help you keep up with the rapidly changing market and get the most out of your real estate ventures. A real estate agent with knowledge of the local commercial property market can take the burden of knowledge off of you and let you focus on growing your business.

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