Pros and Cons of Investing in Commercial Property

pros and cons of real estate investing

Before leaping into a commercial property investment, it is wise to understand both the benefits and potential downsides of this long-term endeavor. Investing in commercial real estate requires a significant commitment of both your time and finances, so it’s vital to evaluate your decision from every angle. Here are some positive and negative aspects to consider as a real estate investor.

Pros of Commercial Property Investment

Mortgages and Loans

Most commercial real estate mortgages require that you put down 20%-25% of the investment price upfront. You’ll be able to pay the majority of your loan over time.

Tax Benefits

Commercial real estate owners receive significant tax benefits. Many of your expenses, such as mortgage interest, operational costs, property taxes, and property improvements, are tax-deductible.

Steady Cash Flow

A smart commercial property investment will ensure that you have a consistent flow of passive income. When you work with a local broker who understands your goals, they will help you invest in the right type of commercial property so that after the initial investment, you are able to see a return on your investment.

Rising Prices of Rent

Inflation means that your tenants’ rent will increase, but your fixed-rate mortgage payment does not. Therefore, your cost of ownership doesn’t change as your rental income goes up. Additionally, the value of the rental property increases along with the rate of inflation in desirable locations. This is another reason to consider beautiful Brevard County, FL, for your real estate holdings. When you want to sell your property, it will be worth more than the purchase price as long as the market rises.

Real Estate Investments Appreciate

In Brevard County, FL commercial property is a proven long-term investment that increases in value over time. Of course, some investments are better than others, which is why it’s best to work with an expert who understands the current real estate markets and long-term trends.

Cons of Investing in Commercial Property


If your property is not in a high-demand area, there may be vacancies between leases. Vacancies will create gaps in your passive income. Additionally, you won’t be able to offset your loan payment with income from a tenant. It’s also possible for you to have a bad tenant that fails to make a payment on time or causes damage to the property. This can lead to additional headaches.

Changing Market Conditions

If you do not thoroughly research the neighborhood before you purchase your property, you can end up with a decline in property value. Make sure that the area doesn’t have any signs of surrounding properties depreciating before investing. One of the most significant risks in investing is that the property market can be unpredictable. Even in a recession, investment properties are worth considering.

Property Management

If you are not hiring a property manager, you will become a landlord with specific responsibilities. These may include anything from midnight repairs to seeking out a problematic tenant after a late payment. A local property management company will ensure your investment doesn’t become your full-time job.

As you look to expand your investment portfolio, commercial property is an excellent investment strategy. Commercial real estate investing has many advantages, but you need to be aware of both the pros and cons. Our brokers at Ullian Realty are experts in the investment opportunities available in the Melbourne, FL commercial property market. Our team is here to guide you through the process of investing locally. Contact us today to learn more.

This article was originally published on August 19, 2021 but has been updated for freshness and accuracy.