Understanding the Leasing Basics of Commercial Property

Are you thinking about leasing a commercial or industrial property? Companies lease space all the time, but there are some things to keep in mind so you understand your options. At Ullian Realty in Brevard County, Florida we have helped many clients clarify leasing details of commercial or industrial properties before signing a long-term lease. Here are four things to consider about the leasing basics of commercial or industrial property. What […]

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Should I Buy or Lease Commercial Office Space in Melbourne Florida?

Melbourne, Fl., offers many opportunities for investors as it is a hub of business and infrastructure in the center of Brevard County. Before investing in property on the Space Coast, there are several factors you should consider. Investing in property involves more than determining the best office space, it requires a deeper evaluation of how […]

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Should I Buy or Lease My Commercial Property Space in Melbourne FL?

Investment property values in Melbourne, FL are appreciating in value which is encouraging many business owners to explore if now is the time to buy their commercial property space. This isn’t a decision that’s made lightly. There are several crucial considerations to weigh before you invest in a property. Your local real estate broker will help you weigh […]

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