What Makes The Ullian Realty Corporation Different!

Our "Real Estate Client Alliance Process" is why individuals and companies partner with Ullian Realty. This process produces a strategic relationship, balancing client strengths, requirements, and goals, with our specialized expertise and knowledge in the marketplace, leading to successful transactions, and long-term relationships.

Real Estate Client Alliance Process

1. Interview client, define real estate requirement.

2. Define strategic plan that meets client requirement, including timeline, with client interaction.

3. Market client property to buyers/tenants, or Find/Confirm properties that meet client requirement.

4. Review potential buyers/ tenants with client, or review properties that meet client requirement.

5. Negotiate on behalf of client to secure real estate requirement for lease or contract.

6. Assist client with all aspects of the commercial real estate process.

7. Finalize lease or contract.

8. Complete items required after lease fully executed or contract closed.

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