Unique Commercial Investment Properties

Unique Commercial Investment PropertiesAt the beginning of the property investment process, most people are drawn to either residential or commercial properties because of their familiarity with these types of properties. However, with just a little bit of research, they can open up the door to many more types of properties. Thus, whether you are just beginning to invest in real estate or looking to expand your portfolio, there are many unique real estate investment opportunities available.


A multi-tenant property is any residential property with more than one unit/tenant at a time, such as duplexes, apartment buildings, or live-work buildings. Investing in commercial property with multiple units rather than a single-family residence can increase your cash flow as you will have various multiple rent streams. If you lose one tenant, you still have your others paying rent for a steady return on your investment. However, you should still be prepared to handle the potential downsides of juggling multiple tenants. You may need to consider a property manager to ensure the response time remains consistent and upkeep and repair for each unit.

Medical Offices

All communities need adequate dental care, primary care, and specialty doctors. So, investing in medical offices can be a lucrative venture. With the average age of Americans getting older, the need for medical offices continues to grow. Medical office buildings usually are a stable investment because medical building tenants typically are there to stay as long as they have a reputable business. As the property owner, you should be cautious about upgrades you may need to make to your property for an up-to-date medical building. Additional expenses may include plumbing for sinks in every exam room and upgrading the electricity for x-ray machines and other equipment.

Flex Space Properties

Warehouse spaces are an excellent investment if you are looking for a low-maintenance property. Tenants will be more interested in how much space is available rather than how upgraded the building looks. In addition, these tenants often sign longer term leases, when compared to retail businesses, thus you may have a stable rental income for years. A flex space building can turn into almost anything, including storage units, a flea market, or offices with warehouse and storage.


Manufacturing spaces or industrial real estate, encompass properties that are used to produce or move goods. Industrial property is a stable investment as these tenants often sign longer-term leases of three to ten years. In addition, industrial leases are usually triple net leases, so the tenant is responsible for a portion of the maintenance. However, one downside of industrial buildings is that they usually only have one tenant.

Remote Work Office Space

In the past year, more and more businesses are going remote – and this doesn’t seem to be a temporary trend. The switch to remote working led investors to worry that companies will no longer pay for office space when more employees work from home.

This has caused fluctuation in the value of office space in some markets—however, shared workspaces have been rising in value. Co-working offices can be affordable workspaces that remote employees can rent rather than working from home or a coffee shop. With the rise of freelancers and remote workers, investing in an office building that can be used as a co-working space is an intelligent decision.

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