Use a Local Broker to Sell Your Commercial or Industrial Property

Use a Local Broker to Sell Your Commercial or Industrial Property

You have options when you are looking to sell commercial or industrial real estate in Melbourne, Florida. Not all real estate transactions are the same. There are great benefits to hiring a real estate broker, who specializes in commercial & industrial property, to handle all of your commercial & industrial real estate needs. At Ullian Realty, when exploring buying or selling commercial & industrial real estate on Florida’s Space Coast, we recommend the following considerations:

What is Considered Commercial & Industrial Real Estate?

A building is considered a commercial building when it is used for business purposes. This includes many different types of buildings, such as retail spaces, office space, hotels, apartment complexes, strip malls, colleges and universities, art studies.  Generally, a building is considered industrial when it is used for manufacturing, warehousing, storage and distribution.

Know the Difference Between an Agent and a Broker

The biggest difference between working with a real estate agent and a broker is typically the education, experience, and licensing. Each state has different real estate laws. In Florida, a real estate agent title is given to those who have earned their license. A real estate broker in the state has to have worked 24 months as an agent under a broker, has completed 72 hours of licensing courses approved in the state they are licensed in, and passed the Florida Real Estate Broker Examination.

Benefits for Hiring a Real Estate Broker

There are numerous benefits for hiring a commercial real estate broker when planning on selling commercial or industrial real estate in Florida, including:

  • More experience working with complex real estate transactions
  • Stay updated on changing laws and regulations with mandated continuing education
  • A network of sellers and buyers in their specialty
  • Experience creating business plans for clients

When it’s time to hire a real estate broker always hire someone local. A local broker will know which areas of the city to direct you toward that meets your zoning requirements. Ullian Realty, located in Melbourne, Brevard County Florida has over 50 years of combined real estate experience. Give us a call get your next commercial or industrial property transaction started.