What is a Cleantech Property?

Cleantech Property Brevard County, FL

Florida’s Space Coast has become a hotbed for cleantech businesses and development. Cleantech encompasses energy technologies that are cleaner and more efficient than traditional forms of energy. This includes solar technology, biofuel, biomass, fuel cells, water, and air technologies, and many more.

If you are in the market for Brevard County commercial real estate, then it’s critical to understand more about cleantech properties. With the growth of jobs in Brevard County, comes the responsibility to focus on the needs of cleantech properties.

Commercial Real Estate: Cleantech Properties are Energy Efficient

The cleantech industry is striving to produce various forms of clean and efficient energy, so an energy-efficient building is a must. According to EnterpriseFlorida.com, companies in our state are leading in the improvement of technologies including lighting, water testing, and related technologies. Many cleantech businesses install solar panels. They may also look for ways to incorporate plant life throughout their building to clean the air naturally.

Commercial Real Estate: Cleantech Properties are Newer

Most cleantech businesses opt to go with newer buildings. The needs in order to create clean technologies are quite different from traditional manufacturing or power plants. Although you can convert an older building, the renovations often cost more than building a new property.

Commercial Real Estate: Cleantech Properties Need Space

Some cleantech businesses need space outside, but most need a lot of physical space indoors. The technologies change rapidly and this requires ample space for labs and testing.

Organizations like the biomass company Florida Crystals need space for their equipment, testing and the processes they utilize.

The space required isn’t just warehouse storage space, people have to be able to work and stay connected with the technology. Cleantech automotive companies need ample space to test their vehicles without people and traffic causing congestion.

If you are looking to invest in commercial property in Melbourne, FL you should consider a cleantech property. The experts at Ullian Realty are well versed in the needs of cleantech companies are will partner with you to make sure your investment appeals to the right companies. Contact us today to learn more.