What’s New in Brevard County Florida Commercial Real Estate in 2020?

What's New in Brevard County Florida Commercial Real Estate in 2020The future is bright for Brevard County, Florida commercial real estate in 2020. We recently highlighted Brevard County’s strong workforce growth. Thanks to a strong workforce, investors are continuing to investigate Brevard County, Florida opportunities. Today the experts at Ullian Realty are answering the question, “What’s new in Brevard County Florida commercial real estate in 2020?”

Land Development

One of the benefits of commercial growth on Florida’s Space Coast is that proven growth encourages investors. Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced he would grant $3.9 million in infrastructure funding to Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

This grant, from the Florida Job Growth Fund, will have many commercial real estate benefits and will help open additional airport-owned land for economic development. Additionally, there is the potential to create 500 jobs.

Tech and Innovation

There is a reason why Florida’s Space Coast has 48 engineers for every 1,000 workers, more than any other Florida metro area.

Brevard County is known for outstanding tech and innovation:

  • Brevard county’s share of STEM employment was ranked 1st in Florida by the Brookings Institution.
  • Milken Institute ranked Brevard County ranks 1st in Florida with the most concentrated high-tech economy and 6th in the US.
  • According to the Brookings Institution, Brevard county ranks 1st in Florida with 11 patents for every 10,000 workers and 53rd in the US.
  •  According to the TechAmerica Foundation, Brevard County has the 5th most concentrated high-tech workforce in the US.
  • With the expansion of SpaceX, Boeing, and local infrastructure, we believe that Brevard County tech and innovation will continue as some of the best and brightest minds collaborate.

The commercial real estate growth potential in Brevard County is limited only by an investor’s creativity these days. The key is to develop a strategic plan with a local broker. It’s vital to make sure that you excavate, build, or expand in the right areas. You will accomplish this most successfully with the insights of a broker who understands the community.

With over 50 years of combined experience working in Brevard County, the experts at Ullian Realty are available to help you execute your 2020 commercial real estate plans successfully. Contact us today to get started.