Why Brevard?

Brevard County has Unique Investment Opportunities, Hi-Tech Employment
& an Appealing Lifestyle

Brevard County is a thriving region, known for STEM industries and High-Tech economy. Known as the Space Coast and birth of American space exploration, it encompasses approximately 72 miles of beaches, waterways and outdoor activities.

The City of Melbourne is at the heart of Brevard County Hi-Tech companies, approximately an hour outside of Orlando, and it serves as the center of innovation and infrastructure for growing businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.

With Melbourne Orlando International Airport, Port Canaveral Seaport (Cruise & Shipping), Spaceport Florida (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and John F. Kennedy Space Center) and Patrick Air Force Base (45th Space Wing), Brevard County, Florida is investing in business, where there is a climate of attractive tax and wage advantages for businesses.

The vast array of industries drawn to the region include SpaceX, L3Harris, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin, as well as numerous small to midsize independent businesses.  Prestigious Florida Institute of Technology, and other colleges/universities work with the Hi-Tech community in developing local opportunities for students and graduates.

Brevard County boasts expanding job opportunities and growth. However, its industry and investment opportunities aren't the only attractions to the Space Coast. Besides the amazing weather year-round and ocean views that make for great fishing, there are plenty of attractions to enjoy locally and within a few hours' drive.

Here are features that make Melbourne and the Space Coast unique:

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With immediate access to museums, zoos, parks, campgrounds, public golf courses, and nature centers, including over 17,000 acres of Environmentally Endangered Lands, you will quickly find that Melbourne is a weekend adventurers dream. Do you love relaxing near the ocean? Enjoy surfing, sunbathing, kayaking, fishing, and boating thanks to wonderful beaches and marinas.

The Historic Downtown Melbourne Main Street contains shopping, dining, and entertainment. Top events include the Food and Wine Festival, which features samples from the top restaurants around Melbourne and Brevard County, and the Melbourne Botanical Festival which showcases plant and flower vendors. The city works to promote community through local events, and Melbourne Main Street commissioned artistic murals for the downtown area as a way to promote and enhance the arts and culture in Melbourne and spur creative innovation.

Located in southern Brevard County, the international airport serves as a gateway to the Space Coast, the country, and the world. The airport employs more than 6,000 people and is one of the fastest growing aviation manufacturing centers in the US and the airport has easy access to major ports in the area, making it an ideal spot for businesses to expand or relocate to. The airport and surrounding area have experienced rapid growth, and the Melbourne International Airport stands as one of Brevard County’s top employment centers.

Port Canaveral is one of the county’s largest cruise ports. The port is close to major markets and transportation pathways in central Florida. It serves as a hub of job and business opportunities due to its prime location for import and export commercial goods. The port is also home to cruise ships and over 200 marinas, restaurants, retail, charter boats, and other small businesses. The Air Force Space and Missile Museum is a popular tourist location within Cape Canaveral and it details the history of space flight and rocketry.

Brevard and the Space Coast would be incomplete without the Kennedy Space Center. Located near Orlando and Daytona Beach in central Florida, the Kennedy Space Center celebrates space exploration from its beginning during the space race to present day. Visitors can learn about the pioneers of space travel, the Apollo Moon Landing, or they can take a walk through the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

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