Yes, List Your Property With a New Agent!

Yes, List Your Property With a New AgentDo you have a property that’s been sitting for a while? It may be time to look for a new listing agent. There are many reasons that properties don’t move quickly, however, if comps in your area are selling while your property remains unoccupied or unsold it’s time to re-evaluate your options.

Prepare Your Commercial Property

Relisting your property is a similar process to acquiring a new deal but instead of acquiring a new property, you’ll spend time searching for a broker. If you have tenants that have expiring leases you will need to renegotiate your leases or start marketing the property for new tenants.

Taking time to increase the value of your commercial property is a great way to increase interest in your listed property. Clean the exterior of the property, especially if it was vacant or tenants are moving. Make sure your building is in good repair in order to attract the most interest for your listing.

Conduct Diligent Research

Possible buyers will want as much information about the property as possible so as the property owner, you want to be diligent about your research. You can also show price comparisons with other commercial properties in the area and provide the price per square foot. If you have access to the potential revenue that can be attained, is also important for investors.

Hire a Real Estate Broker

The vast knowledge a local real estate broker has about the commercial real estate market can aid in relisting your property and finding a buyer or tenant. A stale listing may require a new real estate broker to provide a new perspective, the energy required to personally contact potential buyers and tenants, and the objectivity for your property to be realistic on what can be achieved. Local real estate brokers research the commercial property around yours on a regular basis and can provide you market data to let you know if you need to adjust your listing price. Brokers’ expert background knowledge of a local area and a building’s rental history will provide insights as well. They also have access to a network of brokers and agents and they have connections to an array of commercial real estate listings.

If you believe it’s time to list your property with a new agent, contact Ullian Realty in Brevard County, FL TODAY. Our brokers understand how to advertise your commercial property with the right audiences at the right pricing to complete a successful transaction in the shortest period of time at the best pricing. Contact us today to learn more